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What is a meme?

In our research, we found that the term “meme” is used on the internet…

…to refer to any information that goes viral, being copied or imitated on the network.

We have this on our website.

In other words, our memes are usually images, videos or gifs of funny content.

They end up spreading on the Internet through social networks or forums.

One of the main features of our memes …

… is that they can be adapted or modified.

And always … when done with quality … it ends up going viral.

Where did the term “meme” come from

Meme is a term originally used in biology. It was introduced by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in 1976…

…in his book “The selfish gene”.

The word was used by Dawkins to describe a form of cultural dissemination.

Just as the gene has the ability to transmit a person’s genetic information, the meme can spread among individuals, propagating an idea or behavior.

However, the word meme comes from the Greek.

Is every funny picture a meme?

The term meme to refer to any funny image that has some text at the top.

However, this type of image is not necessarily a meme.

In other words, for something to become a meme, it must be a pattern repeated over and over.