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Do you know when we have a tiring day or when we get really stressed? Sometimes you feel like cursing the boss. However, don’t waste your time on bad energies. All you need to relax is to see a bunch of memes to laugh over and over.

We have a list with more than 500 memes for you to have fun and laugh for hours.



Gold collection:  Funny memes


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Here is the list with more than 500 memes:



1. Work from home, they said

a funny picture of a brown cat on the table
Funny Cat working from home


She thought she would be at peace working at home during the quarantine, but it seems that this is not what happened.

2. Work from home, they said

people on crowded beach
It’s not safe….



3. The best cure for the Corona virus is to leave Earth

meme of people cutting a cake
They already knew

Humanity will start again in space

It looks like a Netflix movie, but it’s real life.